How Scrapping Your Car Helps You and the Environment

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For a long time, scrapping your car meant taking it to a pretty dodgy scrap car yard. You might get a few pounds for your effort at delivering the car and then it would sit there in the yard, sometimes stacked on top of other cars. Even when they were compacted, the fluids that were in the car were never drained out of them. The toxic metals were left to seep into the ground. That meant mercury, used motor oil, and antifreeze all became part of the water supply.

The ground of the average scrap car yard was extremely toxic. Forget worrying about the junkyard dog. Worry about having your health affected by the ground you were walking upon!

Regulations Make Environmental Protection a Priority

Scrapping a car means that you get to help the environment out a lot. The #1 way to prevent the new mining of metals and other mineral resources is to recycle the existing ones. It’s not just metal in your car that can be recycled, although that’s what tends to happen the most. Glass and plastics can also be recycled and turned into new products. In return, there are fewer mines that are operating at full capacity, using the limited resources of the planet.

There’s also the added benefit of limited toxicity. Mercury and other heavy metals that can be found in the construction of the modern vehicle can be properly recycled or disposed of so that it harms no one at all. That’s a lot better than having an old banger leaking out on the street!

In order to be able to legally scrap a car, a recycling centre must invest in their infrastructure so that it protects the environment. This means they must be able to have upgraded buildings and concrete pads that are able to resist leaking toxic items. There must be equipment on hand to process hazardous materials. In return for these investments, these authorised centres are able to conduct business in this field on your behalf.

It’s Not Just the Environment That Benefits

You also benefit from the scrapping of a car. The most obvious benefit is that you get paid for a vehicle that is not being used. The scrap car merchant will often even offer to take your vehicle from your property for free and pay you for the components of the car per tonne. In return, the merchant will then sell the recycled metals to manufacturers that use it. You get paid. The recycling merchant gets paid. Everyone makes money!

Local money has more value. For every local pound that is generated from the sale of a scrap car, almost two pounds of economic commerce are generated. You are able to purchase extra items that you need. Those retailers or service providers use the money from your scrap car to meet their own needs. The scrap recycling merchants does the same thing. Everyone prospers an extra little bit.

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