Scrap My Car in the UK: It’s Easy to Get Paid for Your Junk Car

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What do you do when you’ve got an old car that’s just sitting around, unable to be used? You could donate your car to charity or you could just give it away to get rid of it. You might try to sell it, especially if there is plenty of tax and insurance left on the car. To get the most value from this vehicle, however, you are going to want to scrap your car.

Scrapping Your Car Today Is Simple and Easy

If you’re ready to scrap your car, then all you need to do is contact your local Authorised Treatment Facility, either online, over the phone, or in person. You provide them with your registration and they will give you a specific quote for your vehicle in return. If you choose to accept the quote, then most facilities will come to pick up your scrap car so you don’t have to worry about a thing. You can choose to have a cheque cut for the scrap or be compensated with an electronic funds transfer.

There are three reasons to scrap your car:

  • For cash. You need money. Your car has money hidden within the scrap metal. Sell your car as scrap and you get the cash you need. It’s that simple.
  • For charity. If you feel like helping out a good cause, then donating your scrap car to a charity can help you get rid of an old banger and give the good cause some extra money they can use.
  • For free. Sometimes you just need to get rid of an old car. Scrapping it for free means you get rid of your car for good. You don’t get anything for it, but you’re also no longer responsible for it.

Each has its own benefits. You can get money now. You can help a good cause. You can get rid of any eyesore. Which has the best benefit to you?

Most of the time, scrapping your car is going to provide you with the best financial return. In specific circumstances, however, the tax benefits of donating your car to a charity or CASC may be better. If your car has been clapped out and you need to scrap it, then there are a number of organisations that are willing to take your vehicle and donate the money to charity. There are several good charities that have an online presence, so simply choose one that is right for you and then claim whatever tax benefits your specific situation allows.

Why Should You Scrap Your Car?

Scrapping your car provides one main benefit: money. You get paid for a car that you probably aren’t going to sell on the open market. It lets you get rid of that heap that won’t start up for you and there’s extra money in your bank account to show for it. Most scrap vehicles can bring in at least £150 today and larger vehicles or cars that have more metal components to them can command higher prices.

You’re doing more than just improving the visual aesthetics of your property and fattening up your bank account by selling your car for scrap. You also get to help the environment thanks to the many protections that have been put into place. To scrap a car, an organisation must be an Authorised Treatment Facility. This means they must take out all of the hazardous materials that are in your vehicle right now before they can fully recycle it.

If your scrap car is just sitting at home right now, then it could be leaking toxic items into the ground or drainage system. Where does that toxicity tend to go? Your drinking water. Authorised Treatment Facilities take care of this problem for you and pay you for the scrap metals that are in your car. That’s a win/win situation!

Things To Know When Scrapping Your Car in the UK

Scrapping a car also means proving to the governing authority that you are no longer responsible for the vehicle. You’ll need to look at your V5 registration document and follow the instructions that are included. This often means that you’ll need to send a specific part from the vehicle to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency [DVLA] to prove that you are no longer responsible for the vehicle. You will also be required to have a Certificate of Destruction from the car dismantlers you have chosen. This page on the Government’s web site covers everything in detail.

In return, most recyclers will offer you between £100 and £250 for most cars that are being sold as scrap. Although this doesn’t seem like much, you’ve also got the insurance and road tax that you may have on your vehicle that will be refunded as well. Make sure that you use Form V14 and include this document with what the DVLA requires you to return for proof of lack of ownership.

If you need the recycling specialist to take care of your car scrappage for you, then you will see up to a 50% reduction in the amount of money you’ll receive for your vehicle. This is to compensate the recycling company for the time that it takes to come out and get your car. For those who have no other options for delivery, however, it is still a way to get a cheque for something that is just taking up a lot of space.

There are some UK websites available that will give you an immediate selling price for your vehicle based on the mileage and car registration that you enter. Much of this value depends on when your MOT and tax would be due to run out. If it runs out in a couple weeks and you do not have a proper servicing history, then it will not likely sell.

A corroded battery is enough to fail the MOT. That’s why selling for scrap may be a better option than selling directly to a buyer.

Other websites will take cars for sale that are designed for scrap or near scrap conditions, but you will also get near scrap prices for your vehicle. Many of them have requirements that must be met as well, such as having at least 30 days on your MOT and a minimum of two sets of keys. Without a valid tax disc, your best option will almost always be to scrap the car.

If you are purchasing a new vehicle and looking to get rid of your old banger, the dealership may offer to take your old vehicle in trade. Much of the value that you have with a used car depends on how long it will be insured and taxed into the future. If you have months remaining, you may be offered a better value on your trade-in than you can get from scrap. Otherwise your scrap value will be much more than any trade-in that a dealer may be willing to offer you for that old banger.

2 Million Cars Are Scrapped In the UK Every Year

What makes it difficult to scrap a car sometimes is the fact that the European Union has set forth very specific guidelines which must be followed when a vehicle has reached the end of its functional life. The End of Life Vehicle Directive sets targets that are clear for finding the most reuse out of the components of the vehicle. It also requires all hazardous materials to be removed from the vehicle, even if the metals are going to sit in storage for some time before they are sold.

If you’ve decided to scrap your car, then the first thing you must absolutely know about is the rules that require the vehicle to go through an Authorised Treatment Facility. Scrapyards have to be licensed by the local Environment Agency or Environment Protection agency to meet the rules of the European Union. This is so the environment is protected from the oils, acids, and mercury that are found in a lot of vehicles.

It is also important to realise that it is illegal for anyone to pay cash for a scrap car. This is from a 2013 law, called the Under Scrap Metal Dealers Act, which is designed to prevent theft of scrap metals that are valuable. If anyone offers to scrap your car for you and pay you cash now, then that’s a dodgy facility that you should likely avoid. 

Scrapping Your Car Today Is Simple and Easy

Scrapping your car in the UK is designed to be as easy and safe as possible. You’ll make money, protect the environment, or you can help a good cause if you want. Avoid those who want to pay you cash up front, make sure you get a Certificate of Destruction, and you’ll be able to accomplish your goal of getting cash for your scrap.

You really can find an authorised scrap car merchant today, solicit for a quote, and get a fair price. You don’t even need to deliver your car that is ready to be scrapped to the yard any more because they’ll often come pick it up for you. With such a simple process, only one question remains: why are you waiting? Sell your car for scrap today!

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