Scrap Metal Dealers In the UK: Find Out How to Legally Scrap Your Car

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In the world of scrap recycling, if someone seems a little dodgy, then they probably are. Thanks to legislation that dates back to 2005, however, you can rest assured that when it is time to scrap your car, today’s scrap metal dealers have specific rules that must be followed. You can separate the best scrap dealers from the rest by seeing if they are following all of the rules. In return, you’ll be able to know what to expect and have an effortless selling experience.

Many Scrap Merchants Come Straight To Your Door

If you want to scrap your car, then the first step in the selling process is to seek out a quote. There are several national-level scrap dealers that are registered in the UK that are Authorised Treatment Facilities. You will want to receive your quote from one of these facilities as they are the only ones allowed to issue a Certificate of Destruction for your vehicle to notify the DVLA that you are no longer responsible for it.

It is important to seek out additional quotes to get the best price possible for your scrap car. Once you accept a quote, you will be contacted by the scrap dealer that you’ve chosen to make arrangements for the delivery or pick-up of your vehicle. Although some scrap merchants will charge for this service, many of them offer it to you for free. They will take the car from your property after verifying your identity and you will get the money that was quoted to you in return.

How Will I Get Paid By Scrap Merchants For My Car?

Laws in the UK, except in specific circumstances in Scotland and Northern Ireland, require scrap dealers to pay every person in certified funds. You will not be paid in cash for your scrap car, even those many of them may advertise as “Cash for Cars” because it’s a lot more catchy and sounds more immediate than “We’ll Pay You with a Cheque for Your Car”. If you have a scrap dealer offering to pay you in cash, then they are not following the law. It might be tempting to get some fast cash, but if a recycling centre is willing to break the law in one way, then they’re likely doing so in other ways as well.

If your vehicle is not destroyed, you are still responsible for the vehicle if your transaction is conducted in cash. This can mean fines, penalties, and even prosecution if illegal acts are committed with your vehicle.

You will receive a cheque in many instances and this will be exchanged for your keys at the time of pick-up or delivery of your scrap car. Some recycling centres also offer the option of an automatic money transfer that goes directly into the bank account of your choice. If there is any question to the legitimacy of your chosen recycling centre, ask to see the Authorised Treatment Facility permit that they must have on file.

What Do I Need To Do For a Successful Experience? 

If you’re thinking about scrapping your car, then it will help a lot to plan ahead. Download any DVLA forms that you may need to return your taxing disc or get a refund on your insurance that may have been prepaid. Take a look at your V5 for any instructions that you may need to follow to further prove that you are no longer responsible for the vehicle that is being scrapped.

Although the laws that involve a scrapped car may seem complicated at first to some, the design of these regulations is to prevent fraud and environmental damage from occurring. Many vehicles, especially older ones that have reached the end of their life, contain a number of toxic chemicals that must be removed for a successful scrapping experience. Without these rules in place, there is a good chance that ground water could become polluted and the toxicity of the area could be dramatically impacted in a negative way.

To make sure that you get the best experience possible, look for scrap metal merchants that exceed what the current regulations of today happen to be. Here are some key areas to ask about as you solicit scrap merchants for a quote on your car that you want to scrap.

  1. Scrap metal dealers should already be recycling 95% or more of the vehicle. This means glass and plastic products should also be recycled in addition to the scrap metals.
  2. They will remove all hazardous materials and certify that the vehicle has been destroyed.
  3. You will receive a price that is based on current market values instead of one overall flat rate that never changes.

Are You Ready To Get Your Car Scrapped Today?

Whether you just need some extra cash or you’re ready to say goodbye to that old banger that has served you so well, but is now leaking fluids out on the street, a scrap car recycler can help you achieve your goals. You’ll get a fair price for your vehicle when you use this site as your guide and you’ll be able to know where to take your vehicle so that you don’t continue to have responsibilities for a car that you thought was destroyed.

Using an Authorised Treatment Facility is the best step you can take. To receive this permit, a scrap metal dealer must have already invested into building and property upgrades that limit or eliminate the threat of environmental toxicity from the scrapping of cars and vans. This means having sealed drainage systems, thicker concrete pads, and equipment that will efficiently recycle all of the components that are contained with your vehicle.

You may not get a lot of money for scrapping your vehicle, so set realistic expectations. You will get enough for a nice time out on the town, but not much more. That’s why donating a scrap vehicle or selling one to another buyer directly are also viable options. Whatever you do, however, it is important to have this knowledge on hand. This way you’ll know what to expect… and recognise when you don’t see a scrap metal merchant meeting those expectations.

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