Finding Scrap Metal to Sell: Your Property Is a Treasure Trove of Cash

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Finding Scrap Metal

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Scrappers are known for their ability to take extra metal and turn it into cold, hard cash. They make a business out of visiting construction sites, factories, and manufacturing locations to turn one company’s trash into cash they can use. The good news is that you can do this on your own property with very little effort!

There are a number of places where high quality metals can be salvaged from your home. Instead of throwing away a plumbing pipe that bursts or that cable that the dog ate through, there could be several pounds just waiting for you at a recycling centre.

Many Appliances Have Lots of Scrap Metal

For those who do know about the prices of scrap metal today, appliances are a treasure trove of cash. You could deliver the appliance in bulk to get a bulk scrap rate, but there are a number of copper wires and other metals that can be found that if they are separated, can provide you with a surprisingly high windfall.

Most appliances use motors that are wrapped in copper wire. The internal components of the appliance tend to keep this wire nice and clean, qualifying it for Grade 2 copper. Although this wire tends to be thin and light, the weight begins to add up. With a price at £3,600, that’s £36 per kilogram of wire. It’s not just in an appliance where you can find clean copper wire either. Anything that plugs in has it. If you strip off the coating on it and it hasn’t corroded, then you’ve got some scrap metal that can add up quickly.

Have You Replaced Your Doorknobs Recently?

It’s so easy to throw out scrap metal because it seems like it is trash. One of the most common items that scrappers find in the trash are doorknobs that have been replaced. Most doorknobs today are made of either stainless steel or brass, both of which pay very well. If you replaced every doorknob in your home, then there’s the potential of having up to 50 kilograms of metal that is prime for recycling. Although that might not seem like a lot, 50kg of mixed brass has an average selling price of £107.

All of your taps are also made of stainless steel or brass. When combined with the doorknobs that are being replaced, you could double the scrap value that you’ve got on your hands.

What About Your Car?

There are a lot of two-car households in the UK, but many of those second cars aren’t operational. The taxes and insurance are up-to-date, but the car itself is not functioning. Rather than having a giant property paperweight, you could have cash in the bank. Contact a scrap metal merchant in your area to see if they are an Authorised Treatment Facility and you’ll be able to get a price per tonne on your car. In return, you won’t have that eyesore that causes extra stress every time you look at it!

Scrap metal can be found virtually everywhere, but it usually just gets thrown away at home. Think about recycling your metals instead because with this guide and your projects or repairs, you could get a decent return on what many people just consider to be trash.

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