Why Even Scrap Your Car In the UK?

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You’re thinking about purchasing a new car. You’ve got that old banger with you that has treated you well over the years. Now the battery is corroded, it won’t pass the MOT, and you’re wondering what options you have. If it does not make environmental sense to repair your vehicle, then scrapping your vehicle is often your best option.

Why is this? Because it gives you the most money possible out of your car. You could pull it apart to sell the used parts to others who need them, but the time and effort to do so can be immense. You would also need some basic auto mechanic knowledge to accomplish this task. By scrapping your car, you avoid the stress and mess and just get money instead.

There Is More Than Car Value At Stake

You can get more than just the value of the car coming back to you when you sell it as scrap. Once you accept a scrap quote from an authorised dealer, you’ll have the ability to remove the taxing disc from your vehicle and submit it for a refund. These funds can then be used for the taxing disc in your new vehicle if you want or any other monetary need you may have. You can also submit for a refund on your insurance once the sale is complete. If your car is written off, your insurer will notify the DVLA and they will complete the Vehicle Identity Check marking process to ensure that you don’t get sent a V11 renewal form next year.

Although many scrap merchants will give you an instant quote, it is perfectly acceptable to negotiate with every authorised merchant over the value of your car. The only thing at stake is a better price of better services. Some merchants don’t offer a free pick-up, for example, so you could negotiate one with your local recycling centre. A better price per tonne may also be available through negotiation. If you have multiple authorised merchants in your area and one won’t budge on their price, try another merchant.

You’ll Get a Better Value Than a Trade-in

Scrapping a car often gives you a better overall value than a trade-in for a non-functioning car. Why? Because when you trade-in a vehicle that is ready to be scrapped, that’s what the dealership is going to do to make money. They will quote you a lower than scrap price for your trade-in during your purchase of a new vehicle because they’ll need to make money from the scrap value that they receive.

There are also legal advantages to scrapping a car. It can be easy to lose your paperwork when you move and without the paperwork, a person-to-person sale may be illegal. You can replace this documentation, but it takes time and sometimes money too. Scrapping can help you eliminate these issues and all you need to do in return is submit a letter to the DVLA that discusses your registration, the date of sale, and information about the car.

Scrapping a car can be a difficult step to take because we all form relationships with our vehicles. In terms of profitability, however, it may be the best option for you. In return, you no longer need to worry about taking care of that old banger that you never really drive any more anyway.

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